Superfood Smoothies

Superfood Smoothies

If you’re like many people, eating well all the time can feel like riding a roller coaster. You’ll do great for a day, or a week or even longer, but then bam; you reach the crest of a hill (also known as an event or special occasion) and the bottom of your good-for-you eating plan drops out from under you.  Then you have to start all over again, and make your way to the top of that healthy eating routine.

One way to better manage and perhaps, minimize the ups and downs of eating well is by integrating as many healthy foods as possible into your daily food selections.  If that food, sometimes called superfood have multiple benefits, all the better!

Smoothies, for example, are something that many people rely on for both a healthier snack and even a meal replacement.  If you can give a boost to your smoothies with a superfood, you’re well on your way to eating the best you can. Read on for some great superfood smoothie recipes.



If you like to add your favorite protein powder to your smoothies, you should try this powerful Greens and Berry Powder for a powerhouse boost.
Hopefully these superfood smoothie recipes will help you kickstart your journey to a healthier you.  If you received some value from this article be sure to share the love.


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  • Catherine

    Reply Reply December 15, 2017

    I absolutely love smoothies and this!

    • Louann Pearl

      Reply Reply December 15, 2017

      Let me know your favorites after trying some of the suggestions. Smoothies are a great go to snack.

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