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In my thirty years of being an entrepreneur I have always searched for ways to enhance other people’s lives. I try to find products and services that can improve one’s health and/or well being.

about Louann Pearl

Louann Pearl

My mission is to provide the resources and tools to enable people to improve their quality of life; both in their health and their finances.

I grew up on a family farm in the 1960’s and ate the food from our own land and the livestock that we raised. Our vegetable garden was abundant; and my Mom canned, pickled and made preserves that lasted all winter.

Since my Dad was his own boss and supported our family by running a farm; he was always my inspiration in my pursuit of a career that would permit me to work on my own terms and  become an entrepreneur.

When I was a teenager I left the farm and lived in different cities and countries around the world. Now, I feel that we really need to remember and return to some of the best and healthy choices of the past.

One of my favorite careers was showing off the beautiful capital city, Ottawa to tourists from around the world. I enjoyed Trillium Tours for 23 years and had the privilege to work with a fantastic team of tour guides.   Dealing with tourists daily, educated me in ways that you can not find in a book. Traveling and working with the different cultures, nationalities and ages is truly a world university.

My most recent project is helping others improve their brain and body health through nutrition, education and a dynamic community.  My belief is “Change a Brain, Change a Life“.  Where the brain goes the body follows.

I am partnered with a rapidly expanding global company from the comfort of my home and on the internet. My goal is to help my husband retire from his commercial construction life within the next couple of years. This business will give us the opportunity to actually enjoy our retirement years with better health and financial freedom.   We are looking forward to spending  travel time with our daughter; and together we can discover more of our wonderful planet.

I would be delighted to share these resources and tools with you.

I have the products and tools to help you if you are searching for answers to these problems.

Stressed out, overworked executive who is so exhausted by the time you return home at the end of your work day; that you don’t have the ambition or stamina to spend quality time with your family.

A baby  boomer who is starting to experience brain fog. Once again, you can’t find your keys and reading glasses.  You walk into a room to do something and you can’t remember what it is.

Time to retire and spend quality time with your significant other and your grandchildren; but you can not afford to quit working. Let me show you how you can change this situation.

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